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Volume 41 Issue 2 • May 12-25, 2011
now in our 41th season
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A Pairing of Exhibits

Every Nantucket lover has a favorite place on the island, and the island’s resident artists are no exception. On Friday, May 20, the Artists Association of Nantucket will reveal island artists’ most personal and passionate work; the kind they have recreated time and time again.  The exhibition “On Location” will feature island artists’ depictions of their own favorite Nantucket spots, from undulating dunes to frothy shores to still harbors to picturesque town streets and beyond. 

Ed Rudd
Ed Rudd, Watercolor

A painted scene is a deeply individual expression of an artist’s love for the subject, so come prepared not only to view artists’ pictures of Nantucket, but also to experience their feelings for the Grey Lady. Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of this exhibit is that it ties together the scenes and passions of artists spanning generations.  The exhibit includes not only modern works, but also some that date back to the old Nantucket art colony of the Roaring Twenties!

Fair & Foul
Lauri Robertson, Photographer

Running concurrently will be “Fair & Foul: The Weather Show,” an exhibition which includes contemporary work from members of the Artists Association of Nantucket.  As we all know, the Grey Lady can be temperamental. For this exhibit, artists were challenged to create compelling and truthful images based upon Nantucket’s weather.  Thus, the collection features a full scope of The Grey Lady’s mood swings, from her smiling sunshine to her torrential tantrums.  The concurrent timing of these two exhibitions makes for a unique opportunity to experience many perspectives of Nantucket in a single gallery jaunt.

An opening reception for both exhibits will be held from 6 to 8 pm on Friday May 20, and both will remain open until Monday, May 30 at the Joyce & Seward Johnson Gallery, 19 Washington Street.  The exhibitions are made possible through the generous support of Killen Real Estate and Nantucket Frameworks.  For further details, call 508-228-0722 or visit the website of the Artists Association of Nantucket at

Sarah Teach


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