Yesterday's Island Today's Nantucket
Volume 39 Issue 21, Oct 1 - Nov 23, 2009
now in our 39th season

Impressions of Our Island

Every year as deep autumn tones replace the bright hues of summer, we have the pleasure reliving the halcyon days by looking at hundreds of photos sent in by readers who enter our annual Yesterday’s Island Photo Contest. 

This year we received more than 1,000 entries, and the images were varied.  We viewed photos of Brant Point, Sankaty Light, flowers, town, sunsets, and the wharves, but many featured unusual perspectives.  We looked at views of the Rainbow Fleet from a participant looking toward shore...images of town from second-floor windows...scenes of beautiful vistas with the homey touch of laundry on the clothesline...and lots of kids and dogs! Based on our photo contest entries, plenty of big fish were caught this season.

On July 1, an unusual and massive Arcus Roll Cloud crossed Nantucket. In true island fashion, this rare formation quickly became the talk of the town and inspired rumors and jokes. In this issue, we share several views of this fascinating cloud sent in for the contest.

We’d like to thank the hundreds of people from across the country, Thailand, and Canada who sent us their images of Nantucket.  Many local residents also shared their favorite views of our special home.  And we loved the notes that accompanied several of the entries. 

We thoroughly enjoyed judging the photos, and because it was so difficult to choose just two winners, we chose three—turn to the centerfold to see them.  Throughout this issue, we’ve also printed many of the photos that qualify for honorable mention.  Even more photos can be viewed online at

Congratulations to Peter Duquette of N. Kingston, Rhode Island, our first place winner this year, and to Laura Hardon of Gilbert, AZ and Casey Murphy of Plymouth, MA, whose photos tied for second place.

To the many amateur photographers who did not receive a prize or honorable mention:  don’t give up, you’ll have another chance to win in 2010.  And check online at, your photo may appear in the Photo Contest Gallery there.

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