Yesterday's Island Today's Nantucket
Volume 38 Issue 16 • August 14-20, 2008
now in our 38th season

Unique Designs Create Timeless Pieces

R. Simantov Fine Jewelry is a perfect fit on an island known for its breathtaking landscape and upscale arts and retail offerings.  It’s new location at 9A South Beach Street opened this season in early June, and since then, visitors have adored the Simantov collection of alluring and stunning pieces. 

The jewelry emphasizes the use of traditional materials fashioned into striking and unique designs.  From cocktail rings and cufflinks to brooches and necklaces and beyond, the pieces created by R. Simantov Fine Jewelry are formed from such materials as 18K gold, platinum, enamel, pearls and precious and semi precious stones.  With designs featuring mussel, shell, feather, flower and even sea urchin shapes, pieces are a natural extension of the island itself. 

“I have always loved Nantucket and it has been my dream to open my first retail jewelry gallery here,” said Reubin Simantov, founder of the firm.  “I am thrilled to finally be able to make my jewelry available in my own gallery, on the island which inspired so much of my work.“

Founded in New York by Reubin Simantov in 2002, the jewelry firm grew out of Simantov’s collectible jewelry business, which included pieces from 2000 BC to the early 20th Century.  In the mid 1980s, pieces from Simantov’s collection were acquired by prominent museums and featured in films, fashion shows, and magazine editorials.  As he witnessed the appreciation for and excitement about his collection, Simantov realized that jewelry could be seen as true artistic masterpieces with lasting value.  With an eye for the finest materials and the design vision incorporating outstanding craftsmanship, Simantov sought out and brought back “lost” techniques in creating jewelry for the 21st Century.


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