Yesterday's Island Today's Nantucket
Volume 38 Issue 20 • Sept 11 - 17, 2008
now in our 37th season

The Octopus has been Named

This summer, more than 800 visitors to the Maria Mitchell Association Aquarium submitted suggestions to give the female octopus living in a tank there a name.  The aquarium staff was astounded by the creativity of entrants from around the world who came to the aquarium to visit and name the octopus.  After much deliberation, a winning name was chosen: “Tallulah,” submitted by Celia and Lydia Gillum of Nantucket.  Celia (age 8) and Lydia (age 6) won a prize pack from the aquarium.

Other favorite submissions included “Octavia” and “Armanda” (suggested by multiple entrants,) “Octopus Prime” by Will P. from Wellesley, and “Kali” (the multi-armed Hindu goddess) by Brook M. of Nantucket.

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