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Volume 40 Issue 21 • Sept 30-mid-Nov, 2010, now in our 40th season

Island Images

Another summer on Nantucket Island has passed, and many experiences have become memories.  During the last two weeks, as we looked through the more than 750 photos submitted to the Yesterday’s Island Annual Photo Contest to select the winners, many of our Nantucket memories were refreshed.

Memories of saying “goodbye” to friends and family as they boarded the boat and then of racing to Brant Point Lighthouse to wave one last time before they were out of sight.  Memories of early morning walks:  down Main Street before shops opened and cars lined the streets…along the wharves, watching the fog slowly rise above the houses, then above the tree tops, finally exposing the church towers to the brilliant July sunshine…along near-empty beachs at sunset, with the sky streaked with pink and violet at Surfside or red and orange at Smith’s Point. We relived late afternoon escapes to the beach in August, relaxing and plunging our hot bodies into the cool waters of the surf.  And we recalled the various events of the last year—Daffodil Festival and the hilarious getups worn by enthusiastic participants, Fourth of July waterfight and fireworks, Boston Pops at Jetties Beach, the Cranberry Festival, and Stroll.

We’d like to thank the hundreds of people from across the U.S. and Canada who shared with us their images of Nantucket.  We thoroughly enjoyed judging them, and it was difficult to choose just two winners.  We’ve reprinted as many of the images as possible in the special Autumn edition, and we’re sure that our readers will enjoy them as much as we have.  Even more of the entries can be seen online.

Congratulations to Robert Burger of Branford, CT, our first place winner this year, and to Lara Flynn of South Salem, NY, whose photo won second place.

To the many amateur photographers who did not receive a prize or honorable mention:  don’t give up, there’s always another chance to win — we’re already accepting entries for the 2011 Nantucket photo contest.  And check online at, your photo may appear in the Photo Contest Gallery there.

This year, we are introducing a new Nantucket Wedding Photo Contest.  If you have a photo you’d like to share of a Nantucket Wedding, please print out the entry form located here and send it in before Nov. 1, 2010.


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