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Volume 40 Issue 13 • July 29-Aug. 4, 2010
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A Pair of Lobsters Need Names

Two Blue Lobsters currently making the Maria Mitchell Aquarium their home are in need of names.  One is male and one is female, and it’s up to you to name them.  Will Fred and Wilma or Smurf and Smurfette be the lucky names?  It’s up for you to enter.

The contest is now open for entries.  Maria Mitchell Aquarium Director Cheryl Beaton said, “Kids can come in to the aquarium, or anybody for that matter, there’s no age limit...pick a name,  write it on a sheet of paper, and enter.  The animals this year are two blue lobsters, a boy and girl. The female lobster was found off Tuckernuck and donated by the Souza’s, and it’s great to have a local Nantucket Lobster.  The boy lobster was donated by the Seacoast Science Center from Rye, NH.  But, they are in need of names and the winners of naming each lobster will get a prize from the gift shop.”

Red lobsters are common, but their blue brothers and sisters are a rarity.  Beaton said, “It’s a genetic defect like albinism that makes them blue, so they are rare to find.” They may be out of the ordinary in the sea, but it’s even more uncommon that they are brought into captivity and given names.

Go to the Maria Mitchell Aquarium on Washington Street and enter. Who knows... maybe your name will be the winner!  The contest ends on Labor Day when the winning names are announced.

Blue Lobster


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