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Volume 41 Issue 10 • July 14-20, 2011
now in our 41th season

Photo Contest Winners Announced

View the Winners here. After nearly twenty years of holding a Nantucket Photo Contest, we were interested to see that this year’s entries where characterized by a lot of different camera angles and unusual lighting.  We had more entries from the United States; more women than men submitted photos (even though the winners were all men); and just one visitor from out of the country submitted photos.

Just one photo of Great Point Lighthouse made it into the contest, and only two winter photos were entered — let’s go residents, get out there and shoot some photos for us of Nantucket in January and February!  The most frequently photographed subject every year for the past five years has been the red Sunkin Ship dory. (We’re not saying where it is—we don’t need more photos of this!).
George Burnham of Fort Collins, Colorado took first place with his photo of a fog-tinged Main Street in the early morning.  Our second place winner is Robert Pettibone of New Milford, Connecticut, for his inviting photo of Cliff Beach.

This year we invited our online fans and readers to participate by selecting photos that would be deemed People’s Choice.  In just a few days, well over 1500 people voted and the results were close.  The top three People’s Choice favorites were a photo of shells on the beach taken by Tom Griswold of Vernon, Connecticut, and two photos by Robert Burger of Branford, Connecticut (who won our contest last year) and photographed a gallery on Old South Wharf and Brant Point at sunrise.  You can still see and rate these photos if you go to

To the many amateur photographers who did not receive a prize or honorable mention:  don’t give up, there’s always another chance to win — we’re already accepting entries for the 2012 Nantucket photo contest.  And check online at, your photo could appear on our home page anytime during the year or, your photo may appear in the Photo Contest Gallery there.

If you have a photo you’d like to share of a Nantucket Wedding, you can enter it in our Wedding Photo Contest.  Send it in with the entry form found at by January 15, 2012.


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