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Volume 41 Issue 22 • Nov 18, 2011 -
Jan 2012, now in our 41th season

Christmas Magic

One of the most precious holiday moments for a little girl often comes when she unwraps a present that contains what will become her favorite doll.  Can you imagine her delight if inside her next gift are two beautiful matching pearl necklaces:  one for the doll and one for her?

GS Hill

Now you can make that holiday magic happen with The Heirloom Collection created by Frannie and Me.  The brainchild of island designer Judi Hill, who is well-known for operating the G.S.Hill Gallery and Hill’s of Nantucket, The Heirloom Collection features stunning freshwater pearl necklaces in three different sizes.  There’s an 8-inch necklace perfect for an 18-inch doll; a matching 16-inch necklace for the little girl who loves her; and a matching 18-inch necklace for mom and grandma.  Far from being just any doll jewelry, these pearl necklaces are beautiful quality.  Each necklace is created with 4mm pearls, hand-knotted with sterling clasp and bale, and a teardrop accent pearl (7mm for the doll, 8 mm for your little girl, and 9 mm for mom). 

For several years, Judi has been selling exquisite pearl jewelry designed by Pam Freitus of Pearlhill from Hill’s of Nantucket on Straight Wharf.  Her inspiration for creating the 18-inch doll jewelry came one day this fall as Judi was considering ways to expand her line of pearl jewelry.  “I used to sell pearl necklaces for little girls, and when I thought about how little girls love their dolls, the idea came to me.”  She named her new venture “Frannie and Me” after her mother, Frances, “a wonderful woman who always gave me a lot of encouragment in life.”

Each necklaces comes in a package that can be personalized, then is tucked into a black silk jewelry pouch.  Fun polka dot tissue and a red box shaped like a pocketbook completes the appeal.  The necklaces can be purchased online at or in person at Hill’s of Nantucket, 40 Straight Wharf.


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